what does commercial kitchen equipment consist of

If you’re looking to buy commercial kitchen equipment, there is a slew of different items you may want to invest in. Depending on the type of kitchen you are opening, there may be different items you may want, your catering equipment supplier will be of great help.

Here’s a list of some of the items which are a part of commercial kitchen equipment:-

1) Commercial Deep Fryers

2) Char boilers and grills

3) Griddles

4) Warming and holding equipment

5) Commercial gas ranges, commercial ovens

6) Commercial steamers

7) Proper cooking pots and pans

8) Commercial range hoods

This may include a lot more items but as mentioned before, you need to know your type of kitchen before buying and have the right catering equipment supplies.

Here’s a list of more items which you may require:

1) Commercial pasta cookers

2) Commercial rice cookers and warmers

3) Sous vide immersion circulators

4) Waffle cone makers

5) Crepe makers

6) Gyro machine

7) Gas countertop fryers

8) Pressure fryers

9) Drop-in fryers

These kinds of kitchen accessories and equipment is a bare bone essential for almost all commercial kitchen. While you may not need all of them, a good combination of these will be required to run a functioning, commercial kitchen.